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Quantum Physics for Babies - Chris Ferrie

Quantum Physics for Babies - Chris Ferrie

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Dr. Chris Ferrie has a PhD in applied mathematics on Theory and Applications of Probability in Quantum Mechanics. He is also one of our favorite children’s book authors. His “for babies” and “ABCs of” board books are a perfect introduction to a plethora of topics in science. He has an amazing knack for summarizing complex concepts in just a few digestible words, short enough for a toddler’s attention span, smart enough for grownups to learn something new! Reading “Quantum Physics for Babies” is the closest we’ve come to really understanding this mind-boggling subject. With simple illustrations and just a few words on each page, Ferrie explains energy, the structure of an atom, protons, neutrons, and electrons, and the rules that these components follow while transferring energy. Now you know the foundation of everything! Piece of cake. 24 pages. Appropriate for ages 1-5.

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