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Creating Cyanotypes on Fabric Workshop with Jennifer Steen-Booher

Creating Cyanotypes on Fabric Workshop with Jennifer Steen-Booher

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Learn cyanotype printing on fabric with local artist Jennifer Steen-Booher. Cyanotype, also known as blueprint, is an early form of photography. Placing an object on paper or fabric coated in ferric ammonium and potassium ferricyanide and exposing it to sunlight causes a photochemical reaction that darkens the exposed surface and leaves a detailed impression of the object. Water is then used to develop and fix the image. This unique art form requires careful attention to placement and exposure times, but the results can be stunning!

Workshop participants will receive 10 pieces of 8 1/2 x 11” fabric that have been prepared for cyanotype printing. Jenn will discuss science and technique with examples of her own work. Tools will be provided, along with an assortment of natural objects including plants, feathers, seaweed, and more, so you can create your own prints with guidance from Jenn. Feel free to bring along objects you’d like to experiment with!

Please note: Cyanotype printing is VERY weather dependent. If the workshop day is predicted to be cloudy, we will have to reschedule.

This workshop is geared towards adults, but older children with supervision from a guardian may also enjoy participating.

 Local artist Jennifer Steen-Booher is not one to limit her mediums. Her diverse portfolio includes still life arrangements of her beachcombing discoveries, portraits of historians of the Wabanaki Nations, miniature dioramas of her family history, an upcoming book on the stained glass windows of Mount Desert Island, a set of layered cyanotype, drawing, and data panels depicting the effects of climate change in the Gulf of Maine, and her Ghosts of the Panthalassic Ocean series, featuring fabric cyanotype depictions of single-use plastic bags, reminding us of the deep history of plastic, from its planktonic origins in the Mesozoic era to its endless future. Jenn’s brain is a miraculous place where relevant social and scientific topics are integrated into innovative renderings that challenge us to look closer. Come see for yourself!

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