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Spiders of the North Woods (2nd edition)- Larry Weber (paperback)

Spiders of the North Woods (2nd edition)- Larry Weber (paperback)

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Although the territories included in this book are Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, and Southern Canada, we’ve also found it to be highly applicable to Maine and New England, with lots of species overlap. This guide is rich in vivid macro photos (over 400!), making it dreamily easy to hone your identification at least to genus, and then it might be necessary to consult a more technical guide or online resources to make a species determination. Each species includes a description with identifying characters, hunting strategies, webs, life cycle, and interesting notes. The first 40 pages contain general information about spider taxonomy, anatomy, biology, and webs. It even provides information that will make it possible for you to identify a spider by the design of its web. We dare you to explore this book without becoming an avid Arachnid fan!
2nd edition, 232 pages.

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