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Faces of Science - Mariana Cook (hard cover)

Faces of Science - Mariana Cook (hard cover)

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Mariana Cook photographs seventy-seven of the most extraordinary scientists of our time. From the jacket: “This unique treasury of word and image, scientific and personal, illuminates the individual character of each scientist and reveals some of what they have in common: intellectual curiosity, a desire to help mankind, and an ability to work with others to accomplish their tasks. Faces of Science is both an inspiration to and a confirmation of the human spirit.” Each portrait includes an autobiographical essay highlighting the scientist’s life and accomplishments. Our only critique? 97% of these black and white photographs are of white scientists, and we are 100% certain that scientists of color who work tirelessly to change our world for the better, like Guion Stewart Bluford, Hayat Al Sindi, Siddhartha Mukherjee, Wendy Chung, and Mae Carol Jemison, are equally worthy of a place in this book. 175 pages.

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