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Fern Finder - Anne C. Hallowell and Barbara G. Hallowell

Fern Finder - Anne C. Hallowell and Barbara G. Hallowell

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“Fern Finder” is one of our top five 2023 best-sellers. We can’t even begin to articulate how deeply happy it makes us that SO many people become enamored with ferns while visiting Acadia National Park. This resource is absolutely the best fern identification resource for beginners. It covers native ferns of central and northeastern United States and eastern Canada. The pocket-sized book begins with an explanation of fern features that are relevant to identification, along with the associated terminology explained simply and concisely with lovely illustrations. Reproduction and life cycles are briefly discussed, and the rest of the book is a delightful key that uses intuitive symbols, illustrations, and text to guide you to the correct identification of your mystery fern. More than 80 species are covered in 60 pages, including ranges and illustrations for each. It epitomizes the beauty of distilling careful observation, science, and art into a resource that simplifies a challenging group and brings it to the easy grasp of users. You’ll get so much enjoyment out of being able to call your fern friends by name!

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