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Forever Wild: Animals of Maine Puzzle

Forever Wild: Animals of Maine Puzzle

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7 x 7” puzzle featuring Maine wildlife, including: a Loon, Porcupine, Snake, Beaver, Otter, Heron, Turtle, Moose, and Black Bear. Each puzzle is made of at least four different species of hardwood and varies by puzzle, but may include Walnut, Oak, Alder, Cherry, Maple, Ash, Mahogany, and others. 

Although it is only 10 pieces, this puzzle is quite challenging unless you peek at the included image of the completed puzzle. According to its creator, master woodworker and former Mainer (now Floridian), Dave Janelle, it takes the average adult about 45 minutes to complete (but provides lasting beauty in its completed form!) Can you beat his estimate?

Includes a wooden lid.

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