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How to Be a Citizen Scientist: Tools for Field Identification of Maine's Flora and Fauna Workshop

How to Be a Citizen Scientist: Tools for Field Identification of Maine's Flora and Fauna Workshop

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Saturday, July 15th, 2pm - 4pm


Have you ever been wandering down a trail and wished you could put a name to the trees towering above you, the wee invertebrates creeping below, or the birds singing nearby? Have you considered participating in a Citizen Science project, but not felt confident in your skills as a naturalist? Do you want to know how to use a dichotomous key? Are you wondering which of the overwhelming number of field guides is most useful and accurate? Do you struggle to adapt to the new wave of technological identification resources? If so, this workshop is for you! Co-leaders Shannon O’Brien, Science Engagement Coordinator at Schoodic Institute, and Jordan Chalfant, Naturalist’s Notebook Manager and Maine Natural History Observatory board member, will be teaming up to make these topics accessible and fun. Shannon oversees numerous Citizen Science projects and is a PRO at using iNaturalist. Jordan has been a contract field technician on dozens of studies in the realms of ornithology and botany, and is a dichotomous key connoisseur. These two nature nerds can’t wait to take you on a short walk from The Naturalist’s Notebook to Seal Harbor Beach. We will try out using iNaturalist and field guides to identify the biota we encounter along the way, and will bring back specimens to The Notebook to try out using some more advanced resources and to explore iNaturalist on the computer. We hope to leave you hooked on knowing your nature neighbors by name and feeling empowered to participate in the Citizen Science projects happening in your community. Bring a hand lens if you have one. 2hrs.

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