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Mrs. Charles Darwin's Recipe Book - Dusha Bateson (hardcover)

Mrs. Charles Darwin's Recipe Book - Dusha Bateson (hardcover)

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Have you ever wondered what Charles Darwin ate for dinner after a long day pouring over notes from his expeditions, piecing together his theory of Evolution? What he snacked on while dissecting barnacles? Or what he had for lunch when he came in from studying his pet Earth Worms in the garden? Probably not, but now you are! Look no further for answers than "Mrs. Charles Darwin's Recipe Book." This richly illustrated collection of 55 of Emma Darwin's recipes and notes is not only an intimate look at the workings of the Darwin household, it's also an exemplar of prosperous English life in the Victorian era. Emma is portrayed not just as the backbone and confidant of one of the greatest scientists of all time, but also as an intelligent, generous, productive, and talented woman in her own right. A perfect gift for the cook who has everything or the science-lover who dabbles in the kitchen. 175 pages.

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