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The Art and Science of Pressing Seaweed Workshop

The Art and Science of Pressing Seaweed Workshop

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Preserving seaweed on paper is a scientific art that has been practiced for hundreds of years. Seaweed pressings are known as “herbarium vouchers” when they’re created and stored as scientific data. Vouchers are vital for tracking changes in distribution, genetics, and climate. Seaweed can also be appreciated from a purely aesthetic standpoint for its diversity of color and structure. Collecting seaweed that has washed ashore is a lovely way to enjoy nature and create art with very little environmental impact. In this workshop, Naturalist’s Notebook Manager and coauthor of the upcoming Field Guide to the Seaweeds of Maine, Jordan Chalfant, will demonstrate techniques for pressing seaweed. She will cover the process of collecting data and preserving herbarium vouchers, as well as creative methods of artistically pressing seaweed. She will also discuss long-term storage, display, and care. Participants will spend the rest of the workshop creating their own seaweed pressings. Materials, including seaweed samples and 10 sheets of paper, will be provided for the participants. Reference texts and tools will be available for use during the workshop. Participants should bring their own plant press with ventilators and blotting paper, or purchase them at The Naturalist’s Notebook.

Note: This workshop can be taken separately or in conjunction with the Collecting and Identifying Seaweed workshop happening the day before. 

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