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These Bees Count! - Alison Formento and Sarah Snow (hardcover)

These Bees Count! - Alison Formento and Sarah Snow (hardcover)

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Alison Formento’s lyrical writing and Sarah Snow’s cheerful papercut illustrations pair as nicely as tea and honey in this lovely children’s book about bees. Mr. Tate’s class goes on a field trip to a honey bee farm where students learn about the lives of honey bees, how the bees communicate and collect pollen, and how farmers harvest their honey. With an average of about 15 words per page, this educational and visually engaging book can hold the attention of little ones. The final page contains 8 paragraphs of text that explores honey bee life history in greater detail. It is vital that the world understands how crucial pollinators are to healthy ecosystems, and this book is a wonderful first step in that direction. Age 4-8. 30 pages.

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